Today we get to meet ACFW Colorado author Sandi Rog.

Sandi Rog headshot Sandi Rog is an award-winning author. Her books, The Master’s Wall and Yahshua’s Bridge, are both winners of the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award. Sandi lived in Holland for thirteen years and now lives in Colorado with her husband, four children, a cat, and too many spiders. Visit Sandi’s website at http://www.sandirog.blogspot.com



Sandi Rog’s latest release is a historical romance titled WALKS ALONE. Here’s the book jacket blurb:

A Cheyenne warrior bent on vengeance. A pioneer woman bent on fulfilling a dream.–Until their paths collide.

After fleeing her abusive uncle, Anna is determined to reach the city of her dreams. But White Eagle and his fierce warriors take her prisoner. Anna attempts a harrowing escape, but her savage captor is determined to have her at all costs and forces her to be his wife. Has God forgotten her, or does He have plans of His own?

A man with a boot in one world and a moccasin in the other, White Eagle is disillusioned with his faith after a minister leads a massacre on his peaceful tribe. Where is his God? He’s definitely not with the white men who are slaughtering his people. But White Eagle also can’t give in to the idolatry practiced by his fellow tribesmen. Only the Truth can set him free.

And it’s found in beautiful Anna’s carpetbag.


Read on to get to know Sandi a little better:

1) Story ideas often come to us from unusual places. Where do you get inspirations for your stories?

I usually write what I want to read, what excites me. If I’m not excited about what I’m writing, I know my readers won’t be excited. So, my inspirations come from everywhere. They can come from a song, a sermon, something that happens to me or someone I love, a picture. Inspirations are literally everywhere. Things that inspire me most are difficult questions. For example, in the third book in my Iron and the Stone series, The Father’s Rock, I have my main character asking the question: How can there be a kind and loving God with so much evil in the world? I think that’s a question many people ask, and my goal is to find the answer as the story unfolds.

2)   If you could go back in time and give your 16-year-old self any advice about the writing life, what would you tell her?

That’s hard to say as I never intended on becoming a writer. I did, however, at that time have a low self-esteem. Based on that, I would encourage that sixteen-year-old girl to see her successes, to see the good she accomplished at that time, but most importantly, show her how much she is loved by our risen Savior—not for how good she is, but because of His wonderful grace. It just so happens that during that time I became a Christian. It took my dad going to prison to learn the Truth. You can read about my conversion story here: http://www.sandirog.com/Convicted.pdf.

3)   Since we are now at the beginning of a new year, what are some of your goals or resolutions for this year?

My goal for writing is to finish The Father’s Rock, book three in my Iron and the Stone series. My other goals are to find a healthy balance between the hours I spend writing and the hours I spend with my family. I’ve just come out of a two year battle with cancer, so I feel like I’m having to “find my way” again.

4)   Imagine that you can only use pictures to tell someone the gospel story. Describe what kind of pictures you would use.

The first picture would be of a convict locked in chains being led to the gallows. When this convict reaches the platform, another person meets him there. This person removes the chains from the convict and places them on himself. The new person is taken by the executioner.

5)   What book from childhood has stuck with you through the years?

I’d have to say the Little House on the Prairie series.

6)   Do you hand write any of your drafts while working on a book, article or story?

Yes. I’ll carry around a small notebook, and when I get ideas, I write them down so I don’t forget them. I also used to go for walks, and while my youngest played at the park, I’d write down more notes.

7)   There are many books on the craft of writing available today. What book do you recommend and why?

The book I found most helpful is Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Dave King and Rennie Browne. This book taught me everything I needed to know about writing. It thoroughly explains craft and is very helpful.

8)   If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Fruits and vegetables because they provide all the nutrients needed for sustaining life. I recently beat cancer with a fruit seed. You can read more about that story, if you’re interested, on my blog: www.sandirog.blogspot.com.