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Come meet R.J. Larson, author of the Biblical fantasy books, Judge and Prophet.

R. J. Larson is the author of numerous devotionals and is suspected of eating
chocolate and potato chips for lunch while writing. She lives in Colorado
Springs, Colorado, with her husband and their two sons. Prophet/Books of the
Infinite series, marks her debut in the fantasy genre.


A Fantasy Saga Fueled by Adventure and Faith

The last thing Kien Lantec expects on his first day of military leave is to
receive marching orders from his Creator, the Infinite. Orders that don’t
involve destroyer-racing or courting the love of his life, Ela. Adding to Kien’s
frustration, his Infinite-ordained duties have little to do with his skills as a
military judge-in-training. His mission? To warn the people of ToronSea against
turning their backs to the Infinite to worship a new goddess.

But why Kien? Isn’t this the role of a true prophet, such as Ela of Parne?

Seeking answers, Kien visits Ela and finds her stricken by a devastating vision
of her own. Her birthplace, Parne, has been corrupted by her enemies and will
soon suffer judgment. Pulled in separate ways, each must seek to follow the
Infinite’s leading and hope He will reunite them again soon.

1)      Tell us a little about your new book, Judge, which is out this month?

Judge is Biblical Fantasy fiction—in other words, fantasy inspired by the scriptures. Judge, and its prequel, Prophet, are both drawn around Old Testament themes from prophets and kings, such as Jeremiah and Ezekiel. In Judge, our hero, Kien Lantec, is trying to save the love of his life, Ela, prophet of Parne, but circumstances have forced them apart—throwing them each into mortal and spiritual peril as they serve their Creator, the Infinite. Kien is so desperate to reach Ela, that—in judge-like fashion—he does what he deems best in his own eyes…with disastrous consequences. 

2)      Your web site has the tag line, “Illuminating the Word with fiction.” Can you give us an idea of how you do this through your books?

I love the idea of creating fiction that offers readers a fresh look at beloved OT heroes and themes. I allude to many scriptural stories in Judge and Prophet that challenged me as a new believer. Somehow, researching those tough OT verses and stories, then pouring them into a fictional realm makes them clearer. And, they lead me—and hopefully my readers—back to the scriptures, which is always my goal.  

3)      If there were one thing you could tell your readers, what would that be?

I’m an imperfect human in love with the Lord!

4)      Do you most often sit at a desk to write, or do you like to find unusual places to write?

Usually I sit at my desk, but often, I’ll pick up my laptop and wander through the house—usually to the nearest recliner! My dream writing place? A dark corner in some library/coffee shop. 😀

5)      If your new book, Judge, were to be made into a movie, who would you choose to play the role of Kien Lantec and why? 

Alas, I haven’t yet seen t-h-e Kien Lantec actor yet. However, several discussions with readers have prompted these suggestions:

Ben Barnes

Guilio Berruti

Nick Wechsler

6)      Seat of the pants writer or plotter?

A bit of both. I always create a detailed synopsis of the entire plot, then give my characters free rein during each scene. If a character surprises me, then he or she will surprise readers. At least, that’s my working theory.

7)      Writers tend to read a lot of books in their chose genre. Other than fantasy, what are your favorite genres?

I love biographies and research books. I’ve always been curious about leaders of the past. What made them behave as they did? How did they live? In fiction, I head for history—the more ancient, the better!

8)      Since November is the month of Thanksgiving, what are you most thankful for?

The Lord’s patience with me. He is so good!