By Donna Schlacter

This past week has presented many challenges for our writing community in Colorado. Wildfires, evacuations, concerns over our own households, our friends and family in affected areas, not to mention the day to day stuff we all face.
But the good news is that no matter what hurdles we all face, what mountains jump into our path and threaten to derail our plans, we serve a God who has overcome it all.
I love the scripture verse (and this is my paraphrase) that says, “Jesus took the keys to death, hell, and the grave, spit in the devil’s face, and laughed as He led the captives free, danced with the formerly paralyzed, sang with the formerly mute, and saw joy in the eyes of the formerly blind.”
As we celebrate our country’s birthday, let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on what Jesus did for us, making us all overcomers. Take another moment to thank Him for His sacrifice. And another minute to pray for the situations in the lives of others, the lives of your family and friends. And then praise God that He has placed you in a country of rich resources, where those who are in trouble aren’t left to their own resources, aren’t abandoned.
And finally, thank Him for giving you a gift to write, to tell the stories that both hurt and heal. Our country needs you now more than ever.