Today’s post is written by Tammie Fickas.

We fiction writers are known for having voices in our heads. When the voices belong to your characters this is a good thing.

But, do your voices ever say things like:.

“That is awful.”

“I can’t believe you think you can write.”

“No one wants to read this drivel.”

My voices sometimes say these things and some of my writer friends hear these things also at times. It’s hard not to listen to them. They whisper in our heads until they worm their way into our psyche and we begin to believe them.

I’m going to tell you a little secret I’ve learned. The voices sometimes lie. It’s true. You can’t take them at face value. Like any other critique of your work you need to think about whether they have any merit. Sometimes what you’ve written really is awful and needs to be reworked. Sometimes it’s a lie and you need to ignore it.

Satan is the master manipulator and he would love to dissuade you from your intended purpose. If God has placed it on your heart to write, keep at it. Tell the negative voices in your head to shut up and then keep going.