By Tammie Fickas

One thing I have learned about the publishing business is that it helps to know people.  With the competition as tight as it is these days and the volume of work being submitted to publishers and agents knowing someone can really help.

For those of us who are starting out and trying to move forward the aspect of meeting the right people can be nerve wracking. Not only do you have to get before them, you have to make an impression that will stick with them. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get so weary. I don’t like to feel like I’m trying to meet people just to further my career. I don’t want the people I meet to feel like I am just putting another name in my contact list to call when I need them for something. If it ever gets to that point I may need to just step back and reconsider.

With all the focus on building platform and getting your name out there it’s important to not forget the most important person  in the equation. Not me, not you, not the agent or publisher. No, I’m talking about God. Ultimately, He is the most important contact in this business. If we are cultivating our friendship with God our writing will be so much stronger and more memorable. Additionally, He will open the doors when the time comes. So, I want to leave you this week with this quote:

“Don’t worry about meeting the right people.  Meet God.” Mark Batterson