This post was written by Tammie Fickas.

“I don’t read fiction. I prefer to learn and grow when I read.” Somebody told me this once, I don’t remember who.

I love to read both fiction and non-fiction and have never wanted to tie myself down to one or the other. There are so many good books out there and I will read anything that is well written and holds my attention.

But, do you see the misnomer in the first paragraph? It implies fiction is just a good story, entertainment, nothing more.

While a novel is meant to be entertaining it can also be so much more. Recently I read a new novel. It was fun and light and had a sweet story. Some would read and simply enjoy the story.

In the midst of the story there was a scene that kind of thumped me on the head. It spoke to something that was going on in my life. The scene wasn’t preachy and it wasn’t deep. Still it spoke truth and that truth spoke to me. As I read the words of the characters I saw myself. I came away from the book with a new outlook on a situation in my life. I realized I needed to make some changes. All because of the words of a fictional character.

That’s the great things about books. They have the capability of entertaining us and changing our lives. We don’t need to stick to non-fiction in order to learn something from our reading.

On that note, go forth and read!