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Techie Tuesday

Edition 1, Volume 11

All About Facebook –
Part 5: Account Settings

Facebook account settings allow you to control general settings, security settings, notifications settings, subscribe settings, app settings, mobile settings, payment settings, and Facebook ads.

How to find your account settings. Like privacy settings, account settings can be found in the menu at the top of your Facebook page to the right of “Home” under the drop down arrow. 

Once you click on Account Settings, you will be able to access the following from the left side of your screen:

General Settings
Under “General Settings” you can edit:

    • Your name
    • Your public username. Public username is the same as your address; for example, our username is “acfw.colorado”: www.facebook.com/acfw.colorado
    • Primary email address used for contact by Facebook and friends
    • Login password
    • Networks. Your primary network should be whichever network you feel most connected with. It will appear next to your name, and will influence which search results you see first.
    • Linked accounts. A linked account is an approved online account that you link to your Facebook account, such as Google, Yahoo, etc., so when you log in to the linked account, you will be able to access your Facebook account without logging in to Facebook.
    • Language

Security Settings
Under “Security Settings” you can:

      • Set a security question so that Facebook can identify you as the owner of your Facebook account.
      • Secure browsing so that Facebook opens on a secure (https://) setting when possible.
      • Set login notifications so that Facebook can notify you when your account is accessed from a computer or mobile device that you haven’t used before.
      • Set login approval. This requires you to enter a security code each time an unrecognized computer or mobile device tries to access your account.
      • Enable app passwords. Some Facebook apps can’t receive security codes, which means you could be temporarily locked out if you have Login Approvals turned on. You can use app password instead of your account password to secure login to such apps as Skype, Xbox, etc.
      • Set active sessions, which shows you a list of the recent times your Facebook account has been accessed.
      • Deactivate your account.

Notifications Settings
Facebook sends notifications (emails) whenever actions are taken on Facebook that involve you. You can change which applications and features can send you notifications (emails) by enabling or editing notifications.

Subscribe Settings
Subscribe settings allow you to edit your comment and notifications settings. You can also link your Facebook account to your Twitter account from subscribe settings.

Apps Settings
This area shows what apps you have authorized to interact with your Facebook account. You can also control your app privacy and settings by clicking on “edit” to the right of the app. Clicking on the “x” will remove the app completely.

Mobile Settings
Activating this feature allows Facebook Mobile to send text messages to your phone. You can receive notifications for friend requests, messages, Wall posts, and status updates from your friends. You can also update your status, search for phone numbers, or upload photos and videos from your phone.

Payments Settings
Facebook is free. Always has been. Always will be. However, if you play games on Facebook you can use Facebook Credits to buy virtual goods in any game or app that Facebook offers. From payments settings you can check your credits balance, check your credits purchase history, establish a payment method, and choose preferred currency.

Facebook Ads
Facebook does not give third party applications or ad networks the right to use your name or picture in ads; however, everyone wants to know what their friends like. That’s why Facebook pair ads and friends—it’s an easy way to find products and services you’re interested in, based on what your friends share and like. To edit your social ads settings, click on the social ads settings link at the bottom left side of the page.

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In addition to account settings, you can also visit your privacy settings or edit your timeline to control who sees the info there. 

Next week: All About Facebook – Part 6: Where did it go? Finding your way around on the new Timeline.