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You’ve heard the buzz word, “servant leadership.” Or how about the term, “visionary leader?” Leaders galvanize others to a common goal, not only casting vision for where the group is going, but offering guidance and support on the journey.

This weekend ACFW’s Rocky Mountain Zone Director, Kathy Kovach, and I met with the presidents of the local ACFW CO chapters. The goal was to build community and support among the leadership. As Colorado coordinator, I believe our vision for ACFW CO to grow in community and collective voice has to start with me, thus the weekend president’s retreat.

One this was very clear this weekend: ACFW CO chapter presidents truly care about those they serve. They exemplify the idea of servant leadership. None of these ladies does her job because she seeks the limelight. (In fact, the only extrovert in the room this weekend was yours truly!) They didn’t step into leadership because they wanted to look important or build a resume. In fact, most of them resisted the position initially, but chose to serve in obedience as God called them.

ACFW CO chapter presidents are wired to teach or empower or both. They are passionate about seeing others step into their writing dreams and  God’s message spread. Let me tell you a bit about each of your leaders. (To contact them, visit the chapter page on our ACFW CO website and click on the envelop next to their names.)

Kathy Brasby is the visionary teacher/leader who began Spunk and Spirit Christian Writers in the Ft. Morgan area. Kathy is smart, feisty, and caring. She is passionate about helping writers learn craft in a caring and supportive community. She is perfect for this job in many ways, including her understanding of the isolation of those in the more rural areas of our state. I attended a Spunk and Spirit meeting lately and was thrilled to visit face to face with three members via the Internet! Since there are members in Spunk and Spirit who live too far away to drive to a meeting, they just come electronically, able to fully participate in everything except the snacks. Spunk and Spirit, previously known as a Prologue Chapter, plans to apply for full chapter status soon, so let Kathy know if you’d like to be a member!

Mary Davis pioneered the second ACFW CO chapter, Worship Write Witness, in Colorado Springs. After serving as president and establishing this new chapter, she felt called to step back for a few years to focus on the needs of her family. She returned to the helm in January with more vigor and passion than ever. A born teacher, Mary is energized when helping others succeed. One of the first things she did as president was to set up a new critique group, which is growing quickly. She truly believes in the vision of ACFW to equip and raise up writers who offer excellent stories that glorify God. Mary is the author of more than fifteen novels, including the ACFW book of the Year for its genre, Love Notes.

Jill Hups, president of HIS Writers, the north Denver chapter, has been involved in ACFW CO from one of the first meetings of the first local chapter. Her immense skills package and servant heart landed her in the positions of HIS Writers secretary and vice-president, and finally the presidency. On the state level, Jill developed the ACFW CO website and established a presence for ACFW CO on facebook. She’s also the techie behind Our Neck of the Woods and pretty much anything computer related. Beyond that she has a strong passion for helping others utilize the vast influence of the Internet to share their message. (Check out her posts on Techie Tuesdays.) A prayerful and visionary leader, she’s excited about taking ACFW CO’s oldest chapter into a new season of fruitfulness. The first novel in her nine book speculative fiction series releases Feb. 29, 2016.

Under the leadership of Chris Richards, Mile High Scribes, the south Denver chapter, went from being a hope to a reality. Her steady, faithful guidance gave the chapter a strong foundation, and her vision for the future is taking it into new places. Chris is passionate about helping writers fulfill their God-given dreams, and serves tirelessly in many capacities to see this happen. Besides serving writers as the president of Mile High Scribes, she works as an editor at Written World Communications, serving writers and readers connected to the Harpstring and Timeless Lines. In both of these roles Chris has the daily opportunity to live out her calling to help writers advance to the next level. Besides welcoming you to Mile High Scribes, she welcomes submissions that fit the guidelines of the imprints she serves at Written World.

Maybe all of these leaders sound wonderful, but you live too far away to participate in a local group. You’re reading this post wondering, “what about me?” Please pray about how ACFW CO can better serve those not yet established with a local chapter. Then consider if you might have the passion and prompting to be part of establishing a new chapter in your area. Let me know if you feel that tug!

We’re also looking at ways to incorporate the technology idea Kathy Brasby is using in her local chapter to help others who feel disconnected. Please pray with us about this new endeavor and feel free to contact me with your thoughts.

Meanwhile, participate in Our Neck of the Woods, the secret fb group for ACFW Colorado members and consider attending the 5th Annual ACFW Colorado Retreat with best-selling author Kim Sawyer. You’re sure to find encouragement and support that helps take you the next step on your writing journey.

For you and Him,


Paula Moldenhauer is passionate about God’s grace. An author and speaker, she has published over 300 times. Her first romance story, You’re a Charmer Mr. Grinch in Postmark: Christmas, and her first historical novel, Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal, release in 2012.  Paula serves as the ACFW Colorado Coordinator. She and her husband enjoy homeschooling their four children. (Two down and two to go!) Paula loves peppermint ice cream and walking barefoot. Her greatest desire is to be close enough to Jesus to breathe His fragrance. Visit her at www.PaulaMoldenhauer.com.