Today’s post is by Tamara D. Fickas.

What’s your passion? When this question is asked of writers the answer usually is “writing.” Sounds logical enough.  We writers call ourselves writers because God has given us a talent and along with that a desire to use it.  The desire fuels our drive to write.

What’s your purpose? God uses Christians; he gives us “jobs” to do. Sometimes those jobs correspond with the things we do to make a living, but not always. A lot of times those God jobs are tied up in our passion.

For years I have known that God has a specific purpose for my life. I don’t believe it’s my only purpose, but it’s a big one. I’ve believed that God would ask me to fulfill this purpose through my writing.

This past week my passion and purpose collided. I wrote something on my personal blog years ago. It came from the heart and it meant a lot to me, but I wasn’t sure it would for anyone who read it. Recently a new reader came along and read those old posts. And kaboom! My passion and purpose collided. God used those old posts to encourage my new reader. And, that’s what writing is all about, meeting a need for our reader.

I’ve talked to other writers who have been like me and wondered if God will really use their writing.  Sometimes it’s hard to know if he does because not everyone is open about how something they’ve read has affected them. They are changed and life goes on.

Don’t give up hope that God is using your writing. If you are faithful in pursuing God your passion and your purpose will collide and the sparks will ignite in your reader.