Today’s post is from Donna Schlacter.



There was a picture recently on the news of a horse that got stuck in mud for three hours and it took a number of rescue personnel three hours and a lot of hard work to haul it out. Apparently, the horse’s owner was walking along the beach with this horse when it sank unexpectedly into this quicksand-like mud. The owner managed to crawl out and got help, then spent the next three hours with her horse, sinking into the mud, with the tide coming closer, until rescue folks got the horse out with a fire hose and a tractor.

As I read this story, I thought about the quicksand-like mud I often find myself in. Situations I didn’t expect, repercussions I hadn’t envisioned. Like this woman, walking merrily along on my way, when suddenly and without warning the ground gives way beneath me and I’m sucked down.

While I’ve never actually fallen into quicksand of the physical icky kind, I have been entrapped in spiritual quicksand. This most often happens when I listen to the wrong voices in my head.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. As writers, we all have voices in our heads. Characters, plots, subplots all dance around our noggins like fireflies at a flashlight convention.

I’m talking about the wrong voices. That would be the ones that say things like, “Who told you that you could write?” or “Nobody wants to read this drivel.” How about, “You need to get out and get a real life.” And the killer one, “God can’t use you. Look at all the bad stuff you’ve done.”

I hear these voices, and I suspect you hear them, too.

Well, let me tell you this. Those voices are lies.

Up until recently, I listened to a voice that told me I shouldn’t get involved in any form of social networking because it would just eat up my time. That voice also said nobody wants to be your friend, nobody wants to read what you write, nobody signed up for your devotional before, stop wasting your time and spend more time doing “real” writing.

All of that was until my agent told me, “You need to get on Facebook. You need a blog.”

I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night. I decided not to argue with my agent. There was much celebration at my local writing chapter when I made the announcement that I was now “on the web”.

Since then, I’ve met some great people, laughed at some good jokes, and seen some funny cartoons. I’ve also connected with a bunch of people who blessed me with their kind comments, and I’ve met a couple of ladies who need some encouragement.

When I look at the picture of the woman and her horse in the mud, I think of all the great people who have come alongside me as I take this next step in my writing career, standing by me, encouraging me, comforting me when I get scared. I think of how God has placed each and every one of them there for me. And how, perhaps, He has placed me here for someone else.

This week, as you contemplate your writing journey, consider the direction the Lord would take you. He has good plans for you, for your writing, and He just might bring someone else into your life through this plan so you are both encouraged, uplifted, and edified.