Paula brings us another thought provoking Member Monday Post.

Think about the impact of a single step: The step off a diving board; the step into a room for a job interview, the step that closes the distance between you and the one you love . . .

Last week I asked you to be informed by reading the ACFW Colorado Newsletter, The Inkwell, and Member Insight. Today I ask you to take another step forward as a member of the ACFW Colorado team.

But first, let’s recap those first two posts in this series, Becoming a Force and Hats. (Please Link to those posts.) In those posts we said we write not only because we love to tell stories, but because we have a Message the world needs. Then we talked about putting on that ACFW Colorado cap so that our single voice has impact of the shout of a collective voice.

But how do we build a collective voice as we establish a community of encouragement?

Think about the resources I mentioned last week. How can you use each of those to help promote your writing? How can you use them to help promote other people’s writing? How can you use them to encourage each other on the writing journey?

My answer? LLL: LINK, LIKE, LOVE

LINK ~ Follow the links in these resources. Post LINKs on your facebook page or blog to events ACFW Colorado and its authors are involved in.

LIKE ~ Like facebook pages, statuses, and blog posts.

LOVE ~ Love on people. Comment on blogs and facebook statuses. Repost the good stuff to your wall or blog and give credit (and link information) to your friend. Cheer on your fellow authors as publicly as you can anywhere you can on the Internet.

Every like on a facebook status helps that status climb on the newsfeeds so more people can see it. Every link shared ANYWHERE helps drive traffic to that location and tips search engines to pay attention to that location. Every kind word plays a part in helping someone persevere.

Are you catching the vision? What if you spent a few minutes a day, or even a week, supporting your friends on the Internet? If one or two of us does this it helps a little, but if everyone in the state does this, NOW we have a strong collective voice.

As I pray about serving in my new position as Colorado Coordinator, this idea of a collective voice on the Internet continues to come to the forefront of my thoughts. I believe our LORD wants us to band together to harness the power of the Internet. God doesn’t need the World Wide Web to get His work done, but throughout history He has used the things man designs, from the alphabet, to art, to the printing press, to tell HIS story.  The Internet is the printing press of our age. Let’s alongside each other,  link arms, and help one another get His Message out by utilizing it to build a strong voice individually and collectively.

Next week ~ More tool to build community and voice, including a fun, new resource.

For You and Him,


Author, speaker, and mom of four, Paula Moldenhauer loves serving writers as the ACFW Colorado Coordinator. Published over 300 times, Paula’s first book, You’re a Charmer, Mr. Grinch, releases in 2012. She loves peppermint ice cream, fancy rootbeer, and walking barefoot. Her greatest desire is to be close enough to Jesus to breathe His fragrance. Visit her: