It’s time!

At least it’s time for this post if you’ve thought about your writing as a force for eternity and prayerfully considered putting on the Team ACFW Colorado cap.

If you haven’t, stop now and go back and read those first two posts. 🙂

Here’s why: If you haven’t caught the vision for your writing impacting eternity and for how being a part of the team helps that happen, this post won’t mean enough to you. It’ll just sound like more clutter in your mind and inbox.

The resources in this post are pretty simple to embrace. It’s mostly a matter of taking the time to be informed. Whether you’re in a local chapter or feeling isolated and alone, these resources connect you to the heartbeat of ACFW Colorado.

The Newsletter

If you’re an ACFW member living in Colorado your email address will be added to a newsletter which comes out quarterly. You’ll find information on local chapters, seminars, retreats, and our new services offered via internet.  Please watch your inbox (and your spam folder if you have set your security high!) for the ACFW CO newsletter. It’s full of good stuff! If you aren’t an ACFW member or don’t live in Colorado, you can still receive this newsletter.  Email me ( and ask to be put on our mailing list.

Member Insight

Look for these in your inbox. Only ACFW Colorado members receive this. (If you are and ACFW member in an adjoining state and close enough to benefit from what’s happening here, you can request to be added to this mailing as well.) This quick little email is sent out as often as we deem it necessary and details events around the state as well publication opportunities. If you are an ACFW member and want to share something with your friends—like a book signing, writing opportunity, or speaking engagement, you can tell Jill Hups about it, and she’ll include it in the next Member Insight.

The Inkwell

If you’re reading this post, you’re already a step ahead. The Inkwell is an excellent resource. You probably want to go right now to the sidebar and sign up for the RSS feed so you can get its posts (and comment on them) right from your in-box. At this point The Inkwell has four consistent weekly offerings. Yours truly blogs on Members Monday. Techie Tuesdays is when our web mistress, Jill Hups, teaches everything from the basics of navigating the Internet to the more advanced concepts of marketing and building an Internet platform. On Thursdays, free-lance editor Jeanne Leach teaches on the craft of writing. Our blog administrator, Tammie Fickas, writes on Saturdays about the journey of a writer. Other encouraging posts from other authors are also sprinkled in throughout the week. (If you’re interested in writing for the Inkwell, contact Tammie by filling out the contact form here.)

Being a team player starts with being informed.

But it doesn’t stop there. More on that next week!

For You and Him,


Author, speaker, and mom of four, Paula Moldenhauer loves serving writers as the ACFW Colorado Coordinator. Published over 300 times, Paula’s first book, You’re a Charmer, Mr. Grinch, releases in 2012. She loves peppermint ice cream, fancy rootbeer, and walking barefoot. Her greatest desire is to be close enough to Jesus to breathe His fragrance. Visit her: