Do you ever find that your creative well dries up?  Tip it over and nothing spills out? Yeah, me too. In fact, right now I’m feeling very empty when it comes to creative juices. Coincidentally, or maybe not so much, I’m feeling that vacuum in several areas of my life. Would it surprise you if I said that my spiritual life feels a little crunchy along the edges, like a leaf that has fallen from the tree in autumn? Yeah, me neither.

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Life is busy; deadlines, big work projects, carpets that need cleaning. At the end of long days I fall into bed and my mind runs in crazy circles. Instead of corralling it and pulling out my Bible or spending time in quiet conversation with God I roll over and go to sleep because I just don’t have the energy.

Today, like a thump on the head, I realized that my well is dry because I haven’t visited the source. I know, I know, this is basic common sense for a Christian. Sometimes, though, life gets the best of me and I forget my common sense.

As Christian writers our talent, words, and purpose comes from the Lord. It is only when we are fully engaged with Jesus that He can truly guide our work and use our words. When we walk away or just get busy we’re like that leave that has fallen from the tree. No longer connected it withers and dies. God promises to strengthen and renew us and that spiritual filling spills over into our work. This can only happen when we take the time to spend time with him, to reconnect to the source or our strength.

Even Christ pulled away from the day-to-day life for time in communion with the Father. In the Garden of Gethsemane on the night before his crucifixion he went off from the disciples and prayed. He took the time to reconnect and then he went out to walk the path God placed before him.

If it worked for Christ, it will work for us.

And on that note, I’m going to take my own advice and reconnect. Have a great weekend. If you’re looking for an opportunity to slow down and fill your spiritual well please consider attending the ACFW Colorado 5th Annual Retreat. More information is found on the ACFW Colorado web site.