Today’s post is from Paula Moldenhauer.

Sometimes I feel like those pictures I’ve seen of Einstein. You know the ones where his gray hair sticks out every direction and his eyes hold a wild glaze? The problem is I don’t have the genius to go with the crazed look.

My solution for these bad hair days is to put on a hat, but so many duties are expected of writers that I’m never sure which hat to grab (which is why I look such a wreck in the first place).

Take writing this blog. First I reached for my top hat, I wanted to grab my tap shoes and wow you with all the great things ACFW Colorado has to offer—but then I realized, you can learn pretty much all that stuff by simply visiting our website!

Instead I needed my navy blue baseball cap with Team ACFW Colorado written across the front. The blog would be written to cheer my team on!

Batter up, anyone?

But life intervened and here it is, days later. Instead of finishing on this blog I’ve:

  • Put on a leather newsboy hat to post the NEWS on facebook and other media
  • Put on a Tudor hat and learned some new stuff about the craft of writing
  • Put on student’s hat and learned about Excel so I could do my volunteer work.
  • Put on my stocking cap and fuzzy slippers so I could be warm while I created stories
  • Put on a plaid deerstalker and edited my book (because I can just see an editors wearing one while smoking a pipe)
  • Put on my wool beret and done battle on my knees
  • Put on my beanie with propeller so I’d have something to play with while staring at a blank screen, uninspired.
  • Put on a party hat and celebrated meeting a deadline

I’m exaggerating, but there’s a point. Many days you and I want to scream, “TOO MANY HATS!”

And then along comes someone who tells you to put on that baseball cap and join the team. (Watch out! Now I’m throwing the pitch.)

As I’ve prayed about first steps in my new position as Colorado Coordinator, I believe the Lord is impressing one word upon me: Community. And guess what? Community means we. I’m tossing that ball toward you, hoping you’ll step up to the plate, take a swing, and embrace your team.

Now before you roll your eyes and wonder what community has to do with getting published, hear me out. Community offers:

  • Greater opportunities for mentoring, learning, and growing in craft
  • Greater opportunities for networking, publishing, and marketing
  • Greater support for what can be a arduous journey

The kind of community I envision gives new writers a safe place to ask questions and seasoned writers a safe place to seek networking and marketing support. This community helps each of us amplify our message to the world because instead of our one voice crying out in a vast sea of voices, we unify and shout together.

We’re living in a great age for the kind of community I envision. Even though ACFW CO has writers scattered across the state, we can be connected in an instant through the Internet. As we harness the power of our collective voice, we can help move each other forward in our careers as writers, and more importantly, in our ability to get the Message out.

I believe the LORD has given us tangible tools to build a strong team that can rock the world for eternity’s sake. But a bat is useless if it lies on the ground—and our team can’t become a force in this industry unless its players choose to play. Spend some time thinking and praying about putting on the Team ACFW Colorado cap—about connecting beyond signing a membership form. I know I haven’t yet given you the nitty-gritty of what that looks like, but for now all I’m asking is that you give the Lord permission to tap you on the shoulder if He’s got something here He wants you to be a part of.

Next week I’ll share specific community building tools, but this week I simply leave you with something to pray about: Are you in?

For You and Him,


Author, speaker, and mom of four, Paula Moldenhauer loves serving writers as the ACFW Colorado Coordinator. Published over 300 times, Paula’s first book, You’re a Charmer, Mr. Grinch, releases in 2012. She loves peppermint ice cream, fancy rootbeer, and walking barefoot. Her greatest desire is to be close enough to Jesus to breathe His fragrance. Visit her: