Today’s post is from Paula Moldenhauer.

Jitters in the tummy. Tears on the face.


Nope. I just hit send on my first contracted story. Who knew it would feel this way? All sappy and happy and . . . awed. A book in print is now a soon-coming reality instead of a distant dream.

The dream of a book with my name on the front is not the only reason I do it—this bleeding of time and emotion to put words on a screen. (If it were, I’d have given up long ago.) But can I tell you this euphoria of realizing a tangible future for something that was just smoke and fog for so long absolutely rocks!

My little story is not the next Great American Novel, but there’s a breathless joy thinking that maybe, just maybe, someone—or several someones—will pick up that little story for a quick read and find her heart changed. Maybe readers will meet Jesus or at least think about Him. Maybe they will find hope again. Maybe their transformation will be as simple as a chuckle or two and renewal for a fresh start the next day.

Friends, all this work, all this writing and critiquing, and blogging and facebooking and networking and submitting and facing rejections . . . all those neck and back aches and tendonitis in arm and worn-out pointer fingers from too much mouse use . . . all of it is for a purpose bigger and more far reaching that we can imagine.

It’s not just about you and me, my friends. It’s about a force in this world for the things that are lovely, whole, and powerful. It’s about giving voice to justice, hope, laughter, grace, and courage.

That last paragraph encapsulates much of my passion for ACFW Colorado. I want us to be a part of God’s move to release writers in this decade and beyond. Can we catch a vision for the strength of our unity? Have you thought about what it means to Colorado writers if we truly come behind each other and help release the novelists in our midst to their destiny?

Keep watching for my posts here at the Inkwell. I have some ideas about how we become the team the Good Lord wants us to be—a team, I believe, who will impact eternity.

I’ll be posting on Mondays to share ways we can grow together as novelists and be a part of each other’s destiny. Even if you’re not a Colorado writer, there’ll be good stuff to help you along your writing journey. So tune in!

For You and Him,


Author, speaker, and mom of four, Paula Moldenhauer loves serving writers as the ACFW Colorado Coordinator. Published over 300 times, Paula’s first book, You’re a Charmer, Mr. Grinch, releases in 2012. She loves peppermint ice cream, fancy rootbeer, and walking barefoot. Her greatest desire is to be close enough to Jesus to breathe His fragrance. Visit her: