I had a hard time deciding who to write about for my Admired Author post. Of course there’s no shortage of writers I find fascinating for different reasons.

Charles Dickens, who relentlessly shed light on the social injustice of his day.

The Brontë Sisters, reserved pastor’s daughters who pioneered my favorite genre—paranormal romance.

Jane Austen, witty and ahead of her time.

C.S. Lewis, a writer as integral to my own faith as the Sunday school teacher who led me to the Lord.

Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker for exploring the nature of humankind and the themes of good and evil by means of supernatural plotlines.

Anne Rice for capturing my imagination with her florid style.

J.K. Rowling for creating characters beloved by millions, including me.

Kristin Billerbeck for her honesty.

A recent find, Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games trilogy, for exemplifying tension on every page.

My own mother, Donita K. Paul, for trail-blazing the fantasy genre in CBA.

The same authors Mary Davis applauded in her post. Writers, like me, who keep at it even while doubting their own sanity.

With all these—and many more—authors who’ve captured my attention, how could I pick one who stands out the most? With the exception of Kristin and my mom, whom I know and love, these writers’ lives interest me because of their accomplishments, not because of who they really are/were. Their work commands my respect.

My deepest admiration is reserved for those writers I know personally. The people in my critique groups, friends I’ve met at conferences or workshops, those who are willing to open their lives to fellow writers and share the journey.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably one of those people. Know that you have my admiration and thanks.

Evangeline Denmark has storytelling on her heart and in her blood. The daughter of novelist, Donita K. Paul, Evangeline grew up living and breathing good stories. She has co-authored two children’s books: The Dragon and the Turtle (2010) and The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari (2011) and also writes adult fiction. Evangeline is an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers, serving as chapter secretary. You can find Evangeline online at http://www.evangelinedenmark.com and http://www.dragonandturtle.com