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Who do I admire as an author?

That person sitting in front of her or his computer wondering why they ever thought they could write. They started out not knowing anything about writing and blissfully wrote. Then sent their proposals off to agents and editors, expectantly waiting that acceptance letter and contract.

Then that person started learning the craft of writing and realized just how much they didn’t know. They are embarrassed by what they first wrote and sent out for people to see. Were they insane the day they decided to start that first novel? Was the prodding of the Lord really just indigestion?

They question their call.

They question their passion.

They question their sanity.

They call it quits.

But the writing muse won’t leave them alone. They get the next great idea, and the passion to write is rekindled stronger than before. Dare they sit back down at the computer and put their tender fingers to the keys and write?


More writing.

More rejections.

More doubts.

More years.

Should they quit? For real this time? Are they wasting their time? Their family is whispering. People are laughing behind their back.

But they know they can’t quit. They must write and write and write. It’s not what they do, but part of who they are.

Those are the authors I admire. The ones who haven’t had a book published yet but also haven’t quit for good. The ones who are discouraged but keep tapping away at the keyboard. The ones who keep learning to improve their craft with every keystroke.

I admire your persistence.

Keep On Writing!!!