As I pondered this topic of renewal, a lot of things came to mind:

~Prayer – Refreshes and renews the spirit.

~Food – When you have low blood sugar, there is nothing like food to renew.

~Music – When agitated or mad, praise music can calm, refocus and renew.

~Crafts – I love doing things with my hands. The act of doing something creative with my hand helps unlock and renew my writing world.

~Writing – One of the most renewing things to my writing is writing. When a scene just flows and seems to write itself, I am renewed from the previous day’s writing struggles.

~Reading – Brings new story ideas or gives an insight into an existing story or character.

~Cats – Just sitting with one of my many cats sitting on my lap purring (the cat, not me) is renewing. Or cracking up at watching them run around acting like total spazzes over a twisty-tie. Cats are so weird. I love them.

~Daydreaming – Letting currents characters run wild in scenes that will never be in the book, or meeting new characters and spending time with them.

~A new story idea – Maybe that is not so much renewing as energizing.

~A deep slow breath – Ah, that feels good.

But as I have just spent nearly two weeks with a terrible sore throat (I mean strep throat sore with no antibiotics to make it get better because it’s not strep), so I didn’t get much sleep the past two weeks. It reminded me that one thing that renews like no other and is the foundation of the others is SLEEP. Pure, restful, deep, carefree sleep. Zzzzzz.