I did it again! Totally forgot to blog last Friday. Sigh. My only excuse is that I was out of town doing a bit of renewal myself.

Last year several members of my online critique group had our first week-long retreat at critique partner Kim Vogel Sawyer’s home in Kansas. We had so much fun talking writing, doing research (which is more like play!), and having sweet fellowship. So we decided to do it again this year.

One of our group of four was unable to make it this time, so we felt like a three-legged cat (a description borrowed from Connie Stevens). A little awkward and missing a limb.

After another travel adventure for me (go here to read all about it), I finally made it in a day and a half late. Still our days were packed, working (writing/editing) in the mornings, researching/playing in the afternoons, and relaxing by Kim’s pool in the evenings. Saturday, Kim had a booksigning at a bookstore’s booth at Wichita’s homeschooling convention. Connie and I went along to keep her company and to explore the various displays to find some research materials. We didn’t buy anything, but I stumbled across long-time good friends manning one of the curriculum press booths. What a bonus for me!

When I flew back to Phoenix—where hubby is still working in over 100-degree heat—I came away from Kim’s refreshed, with a renewed sense of purpose for my editing and writing.

Time spent with friends, whether they write or not, is always good for renewing us spiritually and emotionally.

And now I’m looking forward to getting back to Colorado where I can enjoy another source of renewal and refreshment for me—our cabin located at 9000 ft. in the mountains.