In the last two days, I have attended Christmas parties for two Christian writers’ groups. A couple weeks ago, I attended a celebration party for a secular writing group. Today I am thinking about the blessings of writing for the Lord. One of the greatest blessings is the people He has brought into my life as I write. The people at the secular party are nice and there was lots of laughter at the party. But I never heard anyone’s heart during that time. No one asked what was on my heart. At the last two parties, there were very nice people and lots of laughter. But at both these parties, I heard people talk about what was on their hearts. Several people asked what was on my heart. This month we are celebrating many gifts, especially the gift of God’s Son. In addition to His Son, God has blessed me with a gift of writing to glorify Him, but He knows I can’t do that alone. He knows I need someone who understands the struggles of writing and who care about what is in my heart. I am very thankful for the gracious and wonderful gift of writing brothers and sisters who care what is in each others’ hearts.