“And I will put enmity between you and the woman…”
A few days ago, as I was studying Genesis 3:15a, (NASB) and I realized God decreed there will be and enmity – antagonism and hostility – between me and Satan. He didn’t decree fear. Fear is a product of Satan. This week I started a new project with my writing and I am terrified because it is one that puts me in a position of great vulnerability. It has taken me weeks to start because of my fear, but I was reminded in this verse fear doesn’t come from the Lord. My gift as a writer comes from the Lord and as long as I am writing for Him, I have no reason to fear. It really doesn’t matter who likes or approves of my words, as long as I am writing what He wants me to write. So I challenge you, my fellow writers, to remember for Whom we are writing and not to allow our fear to slow us down.