The annual ACFW conference is next week. I’m really getting excited to see so many friends and meeting new ones, especially our newer members here in Colorado.

One of the things that gets everyone, especially those who have yet to sell a book to an agent or editor, is the pitch. Including me. I hesitated putting the word perfecting in the title to this post, because I’m sure there are others reading this that fight perfectionism like I do. Daily. And if it’s not perfect why bother to do it all? Right?


Okay, I know that in my head, and even through experience. But that doesn’t keep me from going through it all again when it comes time to do this again.

So how do I perfect my pitch? Thankfully there’s lots of guidance out there on this subject. But an article I read in the Christian Fiction Online Magazine last week says it better than I can. So I’m going to let Brandilyn Collins tackle the subject for me. *smile*

Go here to read her words of wisdom.

And if you’re in the area next Monday (Sept. 14), Rachelle Gardner, Wordserve Literary agent, will be discussing this topic at the HIS Writers chapter meeting. They meet 7:00–9:00 p.m. at the Borders in the shopping center on the northwest corner of 104th Ave. and I-25. We look forward to seeing you there!