Well, I must apologize for the un-originality of this post. I had intended to come up with something more connected to the general scope of writing, but my focus and my time is at a minimum these days.

For those who aren’t aware, I’m days away from the birth of my first baby. Between appointments, check-ups, to-do lists and family and friends all asking if the baby is here yet, I’m afraid my brain can’t handle much else.

So, with that said…since a lot of meetings have taken place where I’ve provided others with a report of our first annual one-day conference, I figured it’d be great to also share the success with you. As it was our first attempt, we are all quite pleased with the results.

We had 31 in attendance, including 3 speakers. 18 attendees were ACFW members, and 13 were not. That is the best part. The fact that we attracted that many non-ACFW members. Of course, 2 of them are now members and others have said they intend to join. So, even just in spreading the word, the conference did its job.

All told, we ended up with a positive balance when all was said and done. Again, a fantastic feat. Breaking even would have sufficed, but coming up on the plus side is even better!

We have 2 of our speakers confirmed for next year already (author Colleen Coble and literary agent Beth Jusino), and those who attended provided complimentary feedback on the speakers, the organization, the overall feel and of course, the delicious food. 🙂

So, here’s to everyone who helped make this year’s conference a great success. I know 2010 is going to be even better!

Tiffany Amber Stockton is an author and freelance web site designer who lives with her husband and fellow author in beautiful Colorado Springs. They are awaiting the birth of their first child this month and have a vivacious puppy named Roxie, a Border Collie/Flat-Haired Retriever mix. She has sold six books so far to Barbour Publishing. Other credits include writing articles for various publications, five short stories with Romancing the Christian Heart, and contributions to the books: 101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage and Grit for the Oyster.

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