Heather posted a fascinating blog entry on Wednesday. Did you read it?

Why was that such a great post? Well, as writers, a lot of the time we forget the one important thing in the midst of marketing, publicity, book-signing, speaking tours, photo-shoots, TV interviews, twittering, facebook-ing, emailing, etc.

We don’t leave any time to write.

I had a young lady last week ask me why it was so important. She said all the other things were really important, too.

Well, yes, they are important – but if you don’t have a great story to tell, you won’t have the need for all the other “stuff.”

Eight years ago I had an editor tell me that I was a great storyteller, but there were things I needed to work on. What was their advice? Write. Write. And write some more.

It was the best advice I’d ever been given. I didn’t get it from an English class or a creative writing class, or from any class in college. It came from somebody who knew what it takes. You have to keep writing. And writing. And write some more.

What I regret is that I didn’t always take that advice. I’d put it all aside for months on end, until the Lord gently prodded me back. Only recently did I really find my niche. How did I find it? By allowing myself to be me, and writing, writing, writing.

My challenge to you today is the same. Sit down and write. Every day. Even if it’s only a few minutes. Write. Write. Write.

So I’m going to echo Heather’s advice:

Write. Just Write.

It truly can change your life.


Kimberley Woodhouse is a wife, mother, author, and musician with a quick wit and positive outlook despite difficult circumstances. A popular speaker, she’s shared at more than 600 venues across the country. Kimberley and her family’s story have garnered national media attention for many years, but most recently her family was chosen for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Montel Williams Show, and Discovery Health channel’s Mystery ER which premiered in 2008. Her story, Welcome Home: Our Family’s Journey to Extreme Joy, releases in September 2009 from Focus on the Family. Kimberley lives, writes, and homeschools in Colorado with her husband and two children in their truly “extreme” home.