I have recently been struggling with a physical ailment many writers have endured. As a result, I was wearing a wrist brace, and using hot and cold packs on my right hand (I am right handed). For anyone who has ever hurt their hand, even the simplest tasks become monumental. Cooking, cleaning, even getting dressed or going potty become nightmares.

And still I stood on faith in God’s healing ability and desire, and instead of naming this infirmity, I called it Healed. When ever someone tried to give it a different name, I refused to accept it, and said, “You call it what you want, I’m calling it Healed.”

This went on for several weeks. And then just this past week, the Lord said to me, “If you are calling it Healed, act like it’s healed.”

Off came the brace, no more packs, and — why should I have expected anything different? — it has been getting better. I am using my hand, there is minimal pain, and God took me down a completely different path of faith.

So, what does this have to do with writing?

Last night, the Lord spoke to me again, this time about my writing. He told me to act like I’m a writer.

Maybe that sounds like a no-brainer, but really, admit it, we have all fallen into the trap of calling ourselves something we aren’t doing. The thing is, a writer writes.

And I haven’t been doing much writing lately.

I have thought about writing.
I have written about writing.
I have critiqued others’ work.
I have submitted my work for critique.
I have printed off returned critiques.
I have made some revisions based on those critiques.
I have brainstormed with others on their projects.
I have researched conferences — oh, I love conferences and I love research!
I have read books on writing — I love to read.
I even sent out a query to an agent.

But I have not written ten new words on my latest project in about two weeks.

So today I committed to another writing friend to have at least 2000 words written by Monday on my project. And I will report on my progress on Monday to that friend.

I encourage you to think about your calling as a writer. I know God has called me to write. I know He has plans for my books. I know He has put me in a group of like-minded writers for support and encouragement. And that encouragement sometimes includes a kick in the butt to get going again.

Today, let’s commit to do what we are, to act out the part of what we are, to respond to God’s calling in our lives — TODAY I WRITE!

How about you????