In case anyone has missed it, on this wonderful website we have a little nifty “events” page up there in the navigation menu. Go ahead check it out, I’ll wait…

Now then, when you’re done reading my ever-so-lovely post, click on that brilliant useful page and check out the Colorado Springs chapter’s one day conference, Peak Writing Conference: Writing the Gift With Excellence.

We will be having three wonderful speakers, Donita K Paul, Lisa Tawn Bergren and Beth Jusino.

The date of the conference is the 28th of February, the cost is $55 for ACFW members and $60 for non-members. And that cost includes food! I don’t know about you… but for me, when it comes to conferences, it’s ALL about the food. =)

I would give you more info… but then you wouldn’t go to that page and find out all the fantabulous stuff to be had there. You can even download the registration form from that page.

For me personally, the best thing about the conference is the fact that my best friend is flying in from California to see me (and Kim… and her agent. Whatever! It’s all about me! LOL) and will get to attend the conference too.

Blessings… and happy writing!