Our house has been in upheaval as we moved furniture, computers, routers, modems, and other techie paraphenalia that I have no idea how to pronounce. Needless to say, we were without internet for thirty hours – something which proved to create more than one slight problem.

Of course, today would be the day that I needed to post on this blog, and received important emails from TV producers, my agent, and editor – all of which needed to be dealt with in “pronto” fashion. Let me tell you what fun it is to write a lengthy, and highly important email on my tiny little blackberry keyboard – it’s not. Fun, that is.

So, as I was contemplating all the things that couldn’t be done, I thought about how dependent we have become on our technology age. I can’t say that I’m complaining, it’s all highly useful (as long as you don’t waste lots of time) – but I also understand that it has created more “work” for us to get involved in. Marketing, twittering, facebooking, networking, blogging, the list could go on forever.

Many things in this techno-world have made life much easier. For instance, we set up a dual monitor desktop for me today. As I am looking at edits for my fall release, I know this will save time going from one document to another. (Less clicking is always a time-saver isn’t it?) Internet is so fast nowadays that research can be found in less than a second. (Anyone else remember the days when it took ten minutes to load a new page?)

Anyway, I believe there are pros and cons to living in this time of constant updates and upgrades. A lot of it depends on the decisions and priorities that we make.

Writers in the Colorado area can now find our amazing writer’s groups via this website. Amazing to think that we are always just “a click away.”

I encourage you all to use the best of our technology and put it to good use as you write. There are lots of wonderful tools out there to make writing easier and even faster. The abundance of knowledge within our ACFW group will astound you, and I hope that everyone takes the opportunity to get to know everyone here, join the National group, the Colorado group, and your local group.

Be watching the blog here as I’m sure we will be sharing tidbits that we’ve learned, great resources, and helpful hints. This is a great place to be!

Welcome to acfwcolorado.com!
Kimberley Woodhouse VP Colorado Springs Chapter W!W!W!


Kimberley Woodhouse is a wife, mother, author, and musician with a quick wit and positive outlook despite difficult circumstances. A popular speaker, she’s shared at more than 600 venues across the country. Kimberley and her family’s story have garnered national media attention for many years, but most recently her family was chosen for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Montel Williams Show, and Discovery Health Channel’s Mystery ER which premiered in 2008. Her story releases in September 2009 from Focus on the Family. Kimberley lives, writes, and homeschools in Colorado with her husband and two children in their truly “extreme” home. http://www.kimberleywoodhouse.com