I made a horrible discovery about a month or so ago. I apparently can’t write in third person. Which really stinks since that is how my latest wip wants to be written. It looked like a beginner had written it, not someone who had been writing for a very long time.

I’ve always written in first person. Even before I knew the difference between first and third, it was always first for me. It’s where my voice fits naturally. By no means, am I an expert on writing in first… my crit partners will tell you that… but I’m certainly not a beginner.

One of my crit partners was in desperate need to slice and dice something (sick woman that she is) and the good friend that I am, sent it to her… telling her, “Now, just remember, this is still rough, I’ve never written in third before.”

I opened her crit when I got it back and was devastated to discover a crit, which bore a remarkable resemblance to the crits she used to send me when I first started writing. And everything she said was right.

I’ll be honest, I considered completely given up writing again. I can’t go back to square one! That would be crazy. Almost everyone I started out writing with is now published. How can I start over? I was already “behind” when I write in first but would be even farther behind if I wrote this next wip in third.

But then, my own words came back to haunt me. Whenever a beginner wants to quit writing, I encourage them by saying, if you ever stop learning how to write, you might as well give up now. The best writers in the world are always learning. Always honing their craft.


On a personal note. I’m the Industry Liaison of the Colorado Springs Chapter, WWW. I’ve been a member of ACFW since 2004, back when it was still ACRW. I set up blog tours for authors when they have new books coming out and I also assist a number of authors.